Obama Can’t Win

Ever since Mitch McConnell stated in 2008 that his party was going to do everything possible to not make this President successful, the right wing has proceeded to do just that. From calling the President a socialist, communist, to claiming he was not a U.S. born citizen. REALLY? What happened to respecting the President, or at least respecting the office? Those days are gone. When you listen to radicals like Sarah Palin, Louie Gohmert, Michelle Bachmann and the likes, it gets really old, and frankly ridiculous. They HATE this black man so much, they will throw out lies, claim whatever he is doing is all wrong, criticize his family, threaten to impeach him, and you know what? He keeps on going, like the Energizer bunny! If this President had had even a crumble of co-operation from the Republican Congress (approval rate at 7%), things could have gotten done over the last 5 years. Thank God he did get the Affordable Care Act passed, and millions of folks now have affordable health care coverage that they never experienced. You don’t hear “We’re going to appeal Obamacare” much these days, do you? Why? Because it’s working. It had its’ challenges as any huge healthcare program has had, but it is working. The GOP can’t deny that. but some diehards continue to pound away, because they HATE this President so much, and want to get him out of office in the worst way, that they will try any means however disgusting to accomplish it. 

I mean the man won not one, but TWO elections. Not good enough. He took office when the stock market was at 6800… let’s see last time I checked it is at 17,000. Unemployment is down to almost 6%, when the previous administration was losing 750,000 jobs a month. Are these things the Republicans can claim to do better if they were in office? Give me a break! They are really making the Tea Party look more pleasing everyday. The Speaker is frankly afraid of the Tea Party fringe, and doesn’t want to upset them, so he allows them to do things like shut down the U.S. government, costing taxpayers 26 Billion Dollars! Maybe we need a third party to show the Republicans they are losing all common sense with their obstructionism and lack of dignity to their office. Why are they getting paid $174,000 a year when they don’t pass any laws, are gone the majority of the time, and don’t vote what the people want.

For example: Take gun control. The majority of voters want background checks, but did the Republicans vote for that? Of course not. How many more innocent children, adults need to get murdered before they act? Perhaps if some of the victims were their family members, that would get their attention. Doubt it. 

President Obama has done what he can with one hand tied behind his back, and I applaud his efforts. The midterm elections will bring more surprises like Eric Cantor’s defeat. The GOP is headed in the wrong direction, and it may be too late to right the ship. 




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