Donald Trump’s Presidency is in turmoil


By William Grigsby

Just three weeks into his infant presidency, Donald Trump is learning about crisis management. And, perhaps its due mainly to the turmoil he has created himself.

In his egotistical world, it’s all about him and winning. Well, lately that hasn’t been the case as his controversial travel ban (or Muslim ban) was struck down in the 9th district circuit court by a 3-0 vote.

Most experts stated that Trump’s team did not follow important steps in assuring the travel ban was constitutional, and mostly relied on the powers of the President to control immigration to the United States.

What transpired instead was complete and utter chaos at airports around the world. And, what the Justice Department attorneys failed to prove was that the U.S. is facing potential attacks from the nine countries listed in his ill thought-out ban.

Always confrontational and abrupt, Trump uses twitter as his tool to attack others whom he sees as enemies. It’s quite a different approach that no other President has used. To Trump social media helped him get elected, so he feels why not continue to use it?

The problem is he has no decorum or emotional intelligence to step back and read what he’s tweeting before he hits the send button. Brutally criticizing judges’ abilities to do their job is a mistake, and much like most things which have exploded in his face, he’s learning the hard way how to be President.

The problem lies in the fact that Trump is still behaving as he did when he ran his campaign, and whether he cares to admit it or not, his campaign statements are coming back to haunt him now. His childish temper tantrums will only continue to frighten most Americans, and hopefully all those who voted for him.

To put it into focus, this man is not qualified to be President. This has nothing to do with him winning the election. It has everything to do with his ability to act like a con-man and tell the voters everything they wanted to hear to get elected.

Illustrating his complete inability to govern thus far, he has used executive orders almost completely to push forward his agenda. This also displays the hypocrisy of the man because on the campaign trail he criticized President Obama for doing his job with a phone and a pen. Obama had actually used less executive orders than previous presidents.

This just goes to show that Donald Trump doesn’t think things out before he acts. That’s a dangerous trait for someone with the power to blow other countries off the face of the earth.

To be fair, he has only been in office for three weeks, and most of his followers say “just give him a chance.” It becomes a huge task to do that when the President is calling journalists names and complaining that they are throwing out “fake news.”

He has to stop doing this if he wishes to receive respect as a person, let alone as the leader of the most powerful nation in the world.

Will he?

We’ll see, but it’s a funny thing people don’t change their personalities. They can change their behavior, and the jury is still out whether Donald J. Trump will even consider doing that.

If he doesn’t his presidency will be at risk. All he needs to do is read how the leaders of the Republican party turned on Richard Nixon when he did things like fire his Attorney General and stonewall the courts during the Watergate Scandal.


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