Where’s our new owner’s checkbook?

As I watched the free agent frenzy ( not an apropos description for Yotes fans) I began to wonder how will we score next year? I got it…move Yandle to LW! I mean we have OEL on defense, and Yandle has been our best offensive player overall..AND his defense is suspect (-26), so why not? Bet he could score 20 goals easily. Wouldn’t be much of an adjustment for him, since he is an offensive defenseman.

Now, what I really want to know is why did we not spend some money on scorers? Better yet, how will Gagner, Vitale come close to scoring like Vrbata & Riebero? Unless Domi will be our offensive savior, I fail to see how we will make the playoffs. Winnick, Heatley still out there..what about Pyatt Taylor? They fit our system and would be good additions. I’d trade Hanzel mainly because he is ALWAYS hurt!

Comeon Maloney…I’m losing confidence in you. Stop acting like we’re still owned by the NHL, and give us a playoff team!